Identity Thief

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Seth Gordon, director of Horrible Bosses teams up with Jason Bateman in another hilarious comedy titled Identity Thief. When Colorado businessman Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman) is the innocent victim of a phone scam and all of his money is stolen. He manages to track the thief to Florida and tells his wife Trish (Amanda Peet) he’s going to Florida to bring them back. His boss Harold Cornish (Jon Favreau) didn’t appreciate him, so he was in the process of leaving his job and now he has to take a week off to clear his name. When he arrives in Florida he finds a woman named Diana (Melissa McCarthy) who claims to be Sandy Patterson. After a few verbal threats, throat punches from Diana, and other funny physical shenanigans, they’re finally on their way back up north. In the meantime, there are other people with plans for Diane; some who want to kill her and others who want her taken to jail. The drive back to Colorado is the most entertaining part of the movie. There are car chases, a funny love scene, Diana singing along with the car radio and fun in a hotel room. (Actually, the singing was pretty funny along with hand gestures I couldn’t see.) This would probably be just an average comedy without Melissa McCarthy, whose star has been rising since she was in the cast of Bridesmaids. This was originally supposed to be a film with a male thief, but Jason Bateman and other producers were so impressed with McCarthy in Bridesmaids, they just changed the lead character to the unisex name Sandy. (Nowadays, any object would have been an acceptable name.) Melissa McCarthy’s wisecracks and improvisation are perfectly paired with Jason Bateman as the perfect straight man. There are a few minor problems: it has an unoriginal plot, a lousy supporting cast and an ending that could have been better. Somehow, none of that really matters when you have a great comic actor like McCarthy in the lead role. I’m giving this comedy a B rating.