The Bourne Legacy

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Tony Gilroy directs the latest Bourne film without Matt Damon and the character Jason Bourne in, The Bourne Legacy. In the last film, The Bourne Ultimatum, the action was winding down with Jason Bourne in New York. At the same time in Bourne Legacy, a new advanced intelligence agent named Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is training in Alaska for a mission of his own. Cross is a part of a secret government program called Outcome that used drugs to genetically enhance his mental and physical abilities. (I think I saw this in Captain America.) When retired Col. Eric Byer (Edward Norton) shuts the program down, he orders all of the agents in the program to be killed. Of course Cross escapes in dramatic fashion and goes in search of the drugs he needs to stay alive. In the meantime, all of the scientists who worked on program Outcome are also killed except Dr. Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz) and before long she and Cross find each other and begin working together. First of all, I thought the first three Bourne films were fun and all six Bourne books were fantastic. (Yes, I can read books I’m blind not illiterate.) After complaining about Matt Damon and the Jason Bourne character not being in this story, I’m realized it didn’t matter because the film doesn’t align with the book. (They may as well have called it the Fred Flintstone Story.) Even though the character of Jason Bourne is a little more compelling because of his memory loss, Aaron Cross is more fun to watch because of his enhanced strength. With all of my misgivings, I still enjoyed this film, especially the last half hour when the two lead characters are chased all of the way to the Philippines. I’m giving this entertaining film a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

Although I am blind, I can appreciate a good movie as well as sighted individuals.
I rely more on a good story line than special effects.