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In a rip-off of all of the escape films from the past 30 years comes the escape from an orbiting prison from the year 2039 in the sci-fi, action film Lock Out. Guy Pearce is an ex-CIA agent named Snow who has been convicted of espionage and in return for his freedom he is asked to rescue the president’s daughter played by Maggie Grace from a maximum security prison orbiting the earth. The prisoners are supposed to be in cryogenic stasis and the presidents daughter is there on a good will mission and Snow has to find and rescue her from violent prisoners and lead her to the last remaining rescue pod. I’m sure there are a lot of questions just from that last sentence. First if all prisoners are frozen then how can they kidnap her and what’s the difference of a one year or a 50 year prison sentence if you are in suspended animation. That is just a couple of the ludicrous plot holes and the rest are more preposterous. (Did I mention someone shoots themselves so another person has and extra 60 seconds of air?) I know it sounds like I’m about to say I wanted to shoot myself to escape my misery or maybe the orbiting prison but it was actually entertaining for the target audience. (Yes any guy is the target audience)Â It had violence, action, funny one liner from Guy Pearce who sounded like Bruce Willis in his younger days. The other good news is it is only 95 minutes so my brain was only in suspended animation for an hour and a half. The other good news is I heard the 3D was absolutely terrible but I couldn’t see it so I really didn’t care. This film has a lot to be desired but it is fun and I’m giving it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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