The Iron Lady

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In possibly the best performance of the year Meryl Streep plays one of the most powerful and influential women of our time in the biography, drama The Iron Lady. In this biopic Meryl Streep plays Margret Thatcher as she becomes the first woman prime Minister of Great Britain and during her 11 years in office she tackles the union, cuts government spending and takes the country to war against Argentina. During this time we see Margret Thatcher’s love and devotion to her husband Dennis played by Jim Broadbent and how her political aspirations affected their private life before and after her time as Prime Minister. This film is a pretty acrid portrayal of the life of Margret Thatcher over 50 years . Of course the real highlight of the movie is witnessing Meryl Streep playing a middle age and an older Margret Thatcher. I couldn’t see the great makeup she was wearing and her outstanding mannerisms but her voice inflections, spot on tone and pitch sounded like Margret Thatcher. (I would never have known it wasn’t the ex-Prime Minister) This film comes in at a lean hour and 45 minutes and it probably could have spent more time on her term in office. Most actors and actresses say it is very hard to play somebody who has been alive in our lifetime since we do have an idea of what they look and sound like. Except for the outstanding performance by Meryl Streep this film will not be winning any awards or breaking any box office records unless some of the comic book fans out there think this movie is a new super hero film about Iron Mans wife. You think I’m kidding) This biopic is informative, even emotional but not a masterpiece and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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