The Big Year

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Based on the true story in the book by Mark Obmoscik of the same name the comedy The Big Year is a film about three avid bird watchers. Owen Wilson plays a building contractor who is the reigning champion of what Birders call “The Big Year” where someone has to spot the most species of birds in North America in one calendar year and he wants to beat his old record. In the mean time two other birders including a loser played by Jack Black and a retired CEO of a company played by Steve Martin also plan to win the coveted award. With such an all-star comedy team you would expect to be rolling in the aisles laughing but that didn’t happen. There is no raunchy sight gags, no filthy one liners, no bad language but unfortunately no really funny scenes. There were so many opportunities to make it humorous and I wish I could have written the script. I did have to laugh because some things just didn’t make sense. For example all birders are on the honor system and didn’t have to prove they saw the birds. (This is after they do everything they can no matter how illegal or immoral to win the prize) Oh yes even I could have won because you don’t even have to see the bird just hear them sing. (I think I heard a Dodo Bird last night or was that my neighbor) David Frankel who also directed The Devil Wears Prada and Marly and Me was probably hampered by the book but if he would only have turned loose the three main characters. Black, Wilson and Martin did a fine job on this charming, gentle film but it’s a comedy and I don’t think The Big Year is going to have a big opening week. The movie was some what bland and I’m giving it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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