Green Lantern

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In preparation for Justice League of America in 2014 DC comic book fans will be treated to the latest super hero to hit the big screen in the action sci-fi film Green Lantern. When an injured purple alien gives a ring that is powered by a green lantern to a test pilot played by Ryan Reynolds he is admitted into the powerful Green Lantern Corps comprised of Green Lanterns from all over the galaxy. As Green Lantern learns to harness his powers he tries to hide his identity from his childhood friend played by Blake Lively and overcome the evil yellow power from a deformed scientist played by Peter Sarsgaard and also an alien from the other side of the universe named Sinestro played by Mark Strong who is trying to take over the galaxy. (Is it me or does this sound like a colorful movie?) I was really looking forward to this film and I wasn’t necessarily disappointed. Reynolds plays a great cocky super hero and the introduction of the Green Lantern character in the story was fantastic. I loved the music which fit the drama and action of a super hero film. Unfortunately there were some problems with the script. Characters were introduced and disappeared and it felt like there were several different stories written and director Martin Campbell tried to splice them together. (Maybe with some Green Lantern power he could have imagined a flawless script) Films like this are supposed to be fun and not realistic and this is definitely fun so I’m giving it a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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