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So far this year, we’ve seen several science fiction films such as Limitless, Paul, Battle Los Angeles and I Am number Four, and we finally have something a little more intriguing in the Sci-fi film, Source Code. Our story begins with Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) waking up on a commuter train staring into the face of a beautiful woman named Christina Warren (Michelle Monaghan). He doesn’t remember how he ended up there and when he goes to the restroom and looks into the mirror he doesn’t recognize his own face. Within a few minutes the train he is riding on blows up and he wakes up in a chamber where he is informed by the voice of Colleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) that he is going to be sent back to the train to find the identity of the bomber. Coulter finds out he is part of a military experiment conceived by Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright) named Source Code. As part of the experiment, the doctor implanted him with the memories of one of the dead passengers which will allow him to go back in time in eight minute segments until his mission is completed. (In reality, he was probably just going back to get Michelle Monagan’s phone number.) It’s become very difficult to find new and interesting science fiction ideas, and even though this one isn’t necessarily original it is unique and clever. Jake Gyllenhaal is perfect for this role and the script is so good you can actually relate to the characters. (Don’t worry, if you don’t care about them the first eight minutes, then you’ll have several more time slots to get to know them.) Duncan Jones is a young director that knows how to fill the screen with exciting action scenes and a complex tension-filled plot. Yes, there are some minor flaws and a couple plot holes, but they’re so small I could barely see them. (No pun intended.) I’m giving this fascinating sci-fi film a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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