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After a great run with Pirates of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp and director Gore Verbinski team up again and this time it’s for the animated western film, Rango. This is a story about a chameleon (voice of Johnny Depp) with a very active imagination that lives in a terrarium tank until an accident causes him to be lost in the middle of a desert. He thinks he is about to die from lack of water when he meets an armadillo (voice of Alfred Molina) that shows him the way to the western town of Dirt. Here he meets a girl lizard named Beans (voice of Isla Fisher), a mouse named Priscilla (voice of Abigail Breslin), and a town full of other animals who need a sheriff – and water. Our chameleon says his name is Rango, tells the Mayor (voice of Ned Beatty) that he will find water and clean up the town, and they proclaim him the town Sherriff. Of course every town has a villain and when Rattlesnake Jake (voice of Bill Nighy) slithers into town with his tail sporting a “Gatling gun,” Rango is temporarily run out of town. This film not only has an original concept, but also a cast of colorful characters with unique personalities. The score by Hans Zimmer is fantastic with tunes from the old spaghetti westerns that most adults in the audience will remember. In fact, the story borrows from many of the old western films along with several modern films like Star Wars. Of course, the movie themes are for the adults because the studio knows who buys the tickets and they have to do something for the parents. The one flaw in this film – and it wasn’t just me but also my wife who said – it drags a little at some spots. I almost nodded off a couple times but I could have sworn I heard Clint Eastwood say, “Make my day.” (Yes, I know that was in films after his spaghetti westerns.) This film has some gunplay and violence, which I thought might be a bit much for younger kids but I enjoyed it and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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