I Am Number Four

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Based on the book by the same name, the sci-fi action film, I Am Number Four is your typical teen drama. When teenager John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) learns from a sudden burn on his leg that three others like him have been killed, he and his warrior friend Henri (Timothy Olyphant) pack up and move because yes, he is number four. (Okay, not a real awe-inspiring title.) It seems that John and his protector Henri -who pretends to be his father- are actually aliens from the planet Lorien who look like humans. Well, lizard-like aliens from another planet named Mogagorien are hunting down nine gifted kids from Lorien to kill them in the order of their numbers. (Why? Nobody knows, but thank goodness you aren’t number one.) They move to a small town in the Midwest called Paradise and John wants to attend high school. Henri strongly disagrees, but eventually gives in when John promises to keep a low profile. Then John makes friends with a cute girl named Sarah (Dianna Agron) who incidentally, has the eye of the quarterback-bully of the high school. To make things worse, he defends Sam (Callan McAuliffe) the school nerd from the abuse of the same bully. (I’ve seen this same scenario in the last 3 teen movies, which makes this number four.) Things really become interesting and yes – predictable – when John discovers that he has powers, which include super strength and shooting lasers from his hands. When the Mogagoriens eventually attack John, another of the nine kids from Lorien (who incidentally is number six) Teresa Palmer) comes to his rescue with her force field and telepathic powers. This film begins with a lot of promise and then digresses to a simplistic teen romance with an underdeveloped back-story and weak dialogue. (I’m guessing “Your hands are really warm.” is a horrible come on line but of course, John is an alien so maybe that’s normal for him.) The third act picks up with some good action and more interesting characters but it’s too little too late. I tried to use the title of the movie as a come on line with my wife and told her Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and Johnny Depp are 3 of the most popular, sought after, and best looking men in the world and yes, I am number four. (I’m not even going to comment on the amount of zeros she told me I needed to add to the 4.) I’m hoping the sequel and yes, there will be a sequel, is better and I’ll give this first attempt a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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