Hall Pass

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It’s been 4 years since The Farrelly brothers have directed a movie but they are back in true form with the comedy Hall Pass. Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis play two husbands who think that they could be out chasing girls (and catching them) if it wasn’t for their wives played by Christina Applegate and Jenna Fischer holding them back. (Like a lot of older men maybe they should have looked in the mirror) When their wives are tired of them watching other women and joking about marriage and women as a whole they give them a hall pass from marriage for a week. Bobby and Peter Farrelly made their name with films with their far out raunchy comedy like Something like Mary and Dum and Dummer. This movie is no different and the gross out humor and Raunchy sight gags along with some funny one liners that are still there. The reason people laugh ad a lot of the Farrelly brother’s humor is that we see some of the same situations happening to us and we may not want to admit it but we laugh. (Especially to the guys) Yes it’s over the top but some of those jokes are the best and some of the small one-liners stick with you for days. If you don’t like nudity and jokes about body waste this is definitely not for you and it’s probably more a guy’s flick. My wife described some of the sight gags to me and after she stopped laughing she said your lucky you can’t see it. (If that is the case why was he laughing) This is one of the Farrelly brother’s better movies but not their best and I’m giving it a B-rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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