True Grit

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John Wayne won his only Oscar in a 1969 western and to their credit the Coen Brothers do a fantastic job directing a remake of the classic film True Grit. Jeff Bridges plays Rooster Cogburn, a tough U.S. Marshal who is hired by a 14 year old farm girl played by Hailee Steinfeld to kill or arrest her fathers murderer played by Josh Brolin. The two set off into wild Indian Territory along with a Texas Ranger played by Matt Damon who wants to bring the outlaw in on other charges. This film is every bit as good as the original; at least after you get used to not hearing John Wayne’s voice as Rooster Cogburn. In fact Jeff Bridges may even be better as the trigger happy, whiskey drinking marshal then the Duke. (That is if you can understand what he is saying some of the time with him sounding like his mouth is full of marbles) The acting is superior all around and it’s especially noticeable in the young Hailee Steinfeld who is just as confident in her role as her character is supposed to be. Over all it has a tight script, smart dialogue, fantastic score and of course I mentioned the fabulous acting. Yes it has some brutal western violence but it fits the story perfectly and I’m giving it an A rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

Although I am blind, I can appreciate a good movie as well as sighted individuals.
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