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The biographical, drama –thriller Conviction is based on the true story about a man who is wrongfully accused of murder and spends almost 2 decades in prison. When a woman is murdered in a town in Massachusetts, a local man who has been in constant trouble with the law named Kenny Waters (Sam Rockwell) is disrespectful to policewoman Nancy Taylor (Melissa Leo) and is sent to prison for life. Kenny’s sister Betty Anne Waters (Hilary Swank) is close to her brother, married, the mother of two boys, and promises to do whatever it takes to secure his release from prison. (I know this sound like another jail break film) Betty Anne has to finish high school, earn her college degree, graduate from law school and after 18 years – she becomes his attorney. Abra Rice (Minnie Driver) is Betty Anne’s classmate in law school and the two team up to track down witnesses, find DNA that everybody thought was destroyed and attempt to clear Kenny’s name. This is a gripping story about commitment and how far one person will go for another human being. Hillary Swank and Sam Rockwell are at their best and even though we are used to seeing Swank at the Academy Awards don’t be surprised this year to see Rockwell with a nomination. Director Tony Goldwyn does the best he can to keep everything factual, but the script is a little on the weak side and the acting makes the movie. We all know how this film ends but now for the rest of the story and what the movie doesn’t show. Six months after Kenny is released from prison he is killed in a freak accident falling off a 15 foot wall. (And we thought prison was dangerous.) This film is engaging and entertaining an I’m giving it a B+ rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

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