Going the Distance

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If you’re interested in films about long distance relationships and I’m not sure why most people would be, then you may enjoy the romantic-comedy Going The Distance. Drew Barrymore plays an intern at a New Your newspaper and with 6 weeks before she is to return to San Francisco she meets an executive at a record company played by Justin Long and they fall in Love. Before she goes back home to live with her sister played by Christina Applegate and find a job they promise to call, text and visit each other and of course problems arise. I heard it said that this is a romantic –comedy for the guys. You may think all men like crude humor, nasty site gags and some raunchy jokes. Okay, maybe there is some truth to that but this film is just vulgar and some of it was hard on the ears. (Yes some was hard on the eyes but I was safe) There are some funny one-liners and Drew Barrymore was charming as usual but the script just ran out of gas. I laughed several times but this film is mediocre at best and I’m giving it a C rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

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