The Expendables

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Writer-director Sylvester Stallone brings together a who’s who of action stars for a film full of bloody violence and big scale battle scenes in the action adventure, The Expendables. Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) is a mercenary who is offered a job to overthrow dictator, General Garza (David Zayas) in a small South American country by an ex-CIA agent named James Munroe (Eric Roberts). The men that would go with Barney are Lee Christmas (Jason Statham) who is a specialist with knives and hand to hand combat, Ying Yang (Jet Li) who is a master at martial arts, Toll Road (Randy Couture) who is a demolitions expert, Hale Caesar (Terry Crews) who can handle any big gun and Gunner Jensen (Dolph Lundgren) who is the sniper in the group. Barney doesn’t trust Monroe and his right-hand-man and henchman Paine (Steve Austin) and he doesn’t take the job. (Maybe he realizes he doesn’t have enough men to take over a small country.) When a freedom fighter named Sandra (Giselle Itie) is captured, Barney and his band of men – minus Gunner Jensen who is let go because he is too ruthless to jump into action to rescue the girl. This film has every action scene you can think of including car chases, airplane shootouts, and knife fights, plus gunfights and explosions leaving body parts littered all over the place. If this movie sounds ridiculous and over the top it is, but we men don’t care. Since most of these actors have starred in their own action films, their acting is actually pretty good. Best of all, the entire group is featured in at least one action sequence. For all of the action junkies out there, cameos by Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger should be the icing on the cake. For all you men who have to sit through those chick flicks, this is the time to get even with your wife or girlfriend by “allowing” them to sit and watch your type of movie. Although this is really not a bad film, it’s not really a good one either. Since some men might enjoy it, I’m giving it a C rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

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