Eat Pray Love

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Based on writer Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoirs, this chick flick shows her experiences while traveling around the world in the drama Eat Pray Love. Julia Roberts plays the writer Elizabeth Gilbert who travels to Italy, India, and Indonesia in order to discover herself after leaving her husband played by Billy Crudup and later her boyfriend played by James Franco. (For some reason I don’t feel sorry for her) In Rome she learns about life, while gorging herself on pasta, in India she learns how to meditate and come to peace with her decisions and in Bali she discovers love both with herself and somebody else. This film is charming at times, it has some thought provoking moments and is a great advertisement for seeing the world. The only problem is if I wanted to spend two hours watching people traveling I would have rather tuned into the vacation channel. (Personally I think the only reason Julia Roberts took this role is for the free vacation) This book was translated into 40 different languages but not every book should be made into a movie and this is a good example. The main reason is there isn’t enough time to flesh out the characters in each location so it seems like it’s to short but with a pretty boring script it also feels to long. The bottom line is women will probably love the film, men who go with their wives will pray that the end comes quick and I just ate a bag of popcorn, a hotdog and a box of candy to help when watching the eating scenes. Since I’m a guy I’m guessing this film is better then it felt like while sitting there and I’ll give it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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