The Karate Kid

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Based on the 1984 classic of the same name the action, drama The Karate Kid moves to the other side of the world in this remake. Jaden Smith plays a 12 year old boy from Detroit that is forced to move to Beijing when his mother played by Taraji T. Henson is offered a job in China. When the class bully begins picking on him the maintenance man at his apartment played by Jackie Chan begins training him in the ancient art of Kung Fu. (Shouldn’t he then be called the Kung Fu Kid?) The structure of this film is so close to The Karate Kid of 25 years ago that you could lay one script on top of the other and they would be almost identical. Of course it takes place in china but he is being picked on by a bully, there is a martial arts match, the maintenance man named Mr. Han has his own emotional problems and even breaks down in both films. That emotional scene felt too forced and was not some of Jackie Chan’s best acting in the movie. (Well he is an action star and not a dramatic actor) After one of Jackie Chans action scenes I heard a kid say he should be called Mr. Foot instead of Mr. Han. Pat Moritia is sorely missed as the martial arts instructor-maintenance man from the original and I will leave it at that. Jaden Smith was the star in this film and did a really fine job. If you have sight I hear you will love the scenery and it does bring an international flavor. This movie is more gritty and intense then the original and the whole family should love the more up to date story. This film will stand on its own and I’m giving it a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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