Prince of Persia

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Based on a 2007 video game, sand, swords and horses are the items of choice in the action-adventure film, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Set in the ancient land of Persia, this story begins with King Sharaman (Ronald Pickup) adopting a young orphan boy after witnessing the boy courageously come to the aid of a stranger in the marketplace. When the boy, named Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) grows into a man he and the Persian Army guided by the King’s evil smooth-talking brother named Nizam (Ben Kingsley) attempt to capture the city of Alamut. This city is said to have powerful weapons but all Jake finds is a magical dagger that can turn back time and the beautiful Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) who is the daggers protector. (I’m not quite sure how she was supposed to protect the dagger.) When King Sharaman is killed, Dastan is implicated so he and Princess Tamina take the dagger and escape together. My first question is: why didn’t they just turn back time? The King would be alive again and they can go back home as if nothing happened. (That’s right – this film is about fun not common sense.) As expected, this film has a shallow plot, it’s extremely silly at times and it treats the audience like they are 10 years old. Unfortunately, since it’s rated PG13 kids can’t attend by themselves unless they are with their parents. (That’s like giving out free adult beverages to kids at a bar knowing they will not be there and if they were for some reason they can’t drink them anyway.) Don’t worry though, this isn’t a bad film. It has a great music score, the acting by the whole cast is better than average and most of all it’s loads of fun. This may be one of the best movies ever made from a video game, because it actually has a good story and just certain elements were taken from the game. This is the kind of summer popcorn flick that can be enjoyed by everybody and I’m giving it a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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