The Bounty Hunter

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As hard as it may be to believe, Jennifer Aniston running around in a tight, black miniskirt and Gerard Butler without a shirt can’t save the action-comedy, The Bounty Hunter. Investigative reporter Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston) is concentrating so hard on a story that she forgets about a court date for a traffic violation. A short time later, a bounty hunter named Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is sent after her to haul her into court. (Since when are bounty hunters sent after people for traffic fines?) The big twist is that Milo and Nicole were once married when Milo was a cop with a gambling habit. After the marriage screeched to a halt he became a bounty hunter. (You know you’re in trouble when that’s the big twist in the movie.) When Milo eventually catches Nicole and they pass a casino Nicole tells Milo she will give him 500 dollars and he can go inside and turn it into ten thousand dollars. She also points out that this is five thousand dollars more than he’ll earn from the bounty money. It’s no big surprise when he goes in, gambles all of the money away, and then handcuffs Nicole to a bed in one of the casino rooms so she can’t escape. (You know where this is going…) She escapes – duh – and Milo goes after her and captures her again. (And it goes on and on.) In the run to the end of the story a bunch of thugs begin shooting at Milo and Nicole on the freeway because Milo owes a gambling debt and they decide to collect. To add a little romance (very little) they both go off road and hide in a honeymoon hotel till the heat is off. (No comment) This film isn’t funny, it has every cliché ever filmed, absolutely no chemistry between the lead characters, and the action scenes are lame. (It’s pretty bad when the action scenes are bad to a blind guy.) I’m trying really hard to think of something good to say, so uh, Butler is charming and Aniston is cute. (Whew, I snuck that in there.) While attending a movie this bad I would normally say, “Blindness is a blessing” but then I imagine Jennifer Aniston wearing that black, tight miniskirt and my wife says, “Maybe blindness isn’t a blessing for you after all.” This film isn’t horrible but I’m still not sure why they made it and I’m giving it a D+ rating.

This movie has been given a D+ rating by the MPAA

Although I am blind, I can appreciate a good movie as well as sighted individuals.
I rely more on a good story line than special effects.