Hot Tub Time Machine

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Chevy Chase as a hot tub repair man and Christin Glover as a one armed bell boy are two of the key characters in the comedy Hot Tub Time Machine. Three old friends played by Craig Robinson, Rob Corddly and John Cusack magically travel back in time in a Hot Tub with one of the guys nephews played by Clark Duke to relive a ski vacation at the Kotiak Valley Ski Lodge. Once back in 1986 the 4 guys spend their time partying with girls, using drugs, watching a vomit incrusted squirrel, wondering when the bellboy will lose his arm and mostly trying not to mess up the space time continuum. This is one of your buddy pictures that have a story line that makes no sense, gross out humor, raunchy site gags but yet it’s hilarious. I’m not sure if this is a stupid comedy that’s smart or a smart comedy that’s stupid but it works. In fact the longer the film runs the funnier the jokes. Be ready to tap your foot to the 80’s music and plug your ears to the F word that’s used more then the sentence “I wish I had Jesse’s girl” in the famous 80’s song. (The gratuitous bad language hurts my rating because using the F word so much must be a lack of vocabulary on the writers or the actors part and they may need a little more experience. This film definitely doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s another reason why it one of the better comedies in the last couple years and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

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