It's Complicated

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Nancy Meyers has written several scripts for mature audiences like the film, Something’s Gotta Give, but she’s at the top of her game with the comedy, It’s Complicated. Jane (Meryl Streep) owns her own bakery and travels to New York to see one of her 3 grown children graduate from college. While in the hotel lounge, she accidentally runs into her ex-husband of 10 years, Jake (Alec Baldwin) an attorney. After a few drinks and a little dancing, they end up in one of the rooms for a romantic interlude. They return home after the graduation and continue to secretly meet which makes things very complicated. For example, Jake is married to a self-centered younger woman named Agnes (Lake Bell) who is trying to force Jake to make her pregnant. (Yes, I know that’s hard to understand.) For years Jane had not seen anyone but now she is dating an architect named Adam (Steve Martin) who is designing a huge kitchen and bedroom addition to her home. Her kids don’t know about the affair but Jake’s friends and his psychiatrist know about it and encourage her to continue the affair until everything runs out of control. This may be one of the best original screenplays of the year. It’s nice to have a romantic comedy that may have a little sex talk but isn’t full of juvenile jokes. It not only had a smart script with rich characters but the three leads are fantastic and the supporting cast couldn’t have been better. Most of the scenes feel realistic, and there were a couple times where I laughed a lot, even though I knew that this stuff would never happen. There is one scene in particular that my wife was describing it to me and trying to visualize it, I just wanted to think of some way to put out my mind’s eye. I’m encouraging mature men and women to see this film and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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