Four Christmases

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If you think Christmas with your relatives is terrible, they may not seem so bad after watching a truly dysfunctional family in the comedy, Four Christmas’s. Brad (Vince Vaughn) and his girlfriend Kate (Reese Witherspoon) travel to some exotic location so they don’t have to deal with their families at during the Christmas holidays. This Christmas, they made plans to go to Fiji, but the fog rolls in just as they’re about to board the plane. This means they are expected to visit each home of their divorced parents and they begin with the worst, Brad’s dad Creighton (Jon Voight). As soon as they enter the door, Brad is jumped by his two wrestling redneck brothers Dallas (Tim McGraw) and Denver (Jon Favreau) along with their kids. Next, they visit Kate’s mom Marilyn (Mary Steenburg) where Kate is embarrassed by stories about her eating habits as a child. (I’m worried about my eating habits as an adult.) Next, is Brads mom Paula (Sissy Spacek) where they play a funny game of Taboo with the family and Brad and Kate realize they don’t actually know as much about each other as they thought. By the time they head over to the home of Kate’s dad Howard (Robert Duvall) the day has been so bad they never want to get married or have babies and Brad just drops her off. This film has great performances by an all-star cast but I can promise that none of them will be at the Academy Awards for this movie. It was hilarious at times and dry in a few spots, but it did manage to move at a quick pace and was modestly entertaining. Vince Vaughn is great till the more serious ending and Reese Witherspoon is always a delight. Don’t expect anything new with this story and in fact we have seen too much of it before. By the way, if anybody goes to this film and doesn’t laugh because everything seems normal, maybe they should seek counseling. This film won’t go down as a Christmas classic but it might help put you in the holiday spirit and I’m giving it a C+ rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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