Madea Goes to Jail

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Tyler Perry has played the character of Madea in several movies that have gone straight to DVD, but now you can see him on the big screen in Madea Goes to Jail. When the wise-cracking granny named Madea (Tyler Perry) is arrested for driving reckless on the highway, she’s sent to an anger management class by Judge Maybleen. (Yes, the one and only Maybleen.) When Madea fails her anger management session with Dr. Phil (Yes, the one and only Dr. Phil) she looses her temper again, flips a ladies car with a forklift and is sent to jail. Even though her brother Joe (Tyler Perry) is thrilled that Madea’s in jail, the extended family named the Browns try to help her out with no avail. In the meantime, District Attorney Joshua Hardaway (Derek Luke) is trying to help out a drug addicted prostitute named Candace (Keshia Knight Pulliam). His fiancé, Linda (Ion Overman) who is also an Assistant District Attorney trumps up charges to send Candace to jail for a long time. While in a jail cell together Madea befriends and defends Candace by fighting another prisoner named “Big Sal.” This film is hilarious at times and heartwarming at others. In fact, it changes so quick it feels like two separate movies. If this film would have had another director instead of Tyler Perry the film may have been better. Besides playing 3 characters, writing the script, and directing the film, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he also did the editing, camera work and make-up. The film did have a great moral theme about forgiveness but I had a hard time taking it seriously with the violence and drug use. On second thought, I don’t thing anyone could take Madea seriously unless they’re in the fourth grade and even then they shouldn’t be in the theater. I did enjoy this film and it has a lot of potential, but the plot structure is so poor I can’t give it anything higher then a C- rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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