Yes Man

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Jim Carrey is an outstanding actor whose film successes go up and down like the price of gas, but I’m sure the public will flock to his newest comedy, Yes Man. Carl Allen (Jim Carrey) has been lifeless, dreary and just plain boring since his girlfriend left him for another man three years earlier. In fact, Carl practically lives like a hermit but when he’s asked to plan and host an engagement party for his best friend Peter (Bradley Cooper) he looks for something to change his life. Someone tells him about a self-help seminar led by Guru Terrence Bundley (Terrence Stamt) who requires all of his followers to say yes to every opportunity. Carl soon begins to say yes to everything including learning to speak Korean, play a guitar, and even fly a plane. (I’m kind of worried that my wife is going to make me sign up for this seminar.) As a result of his risk-taking behaviors, he meets an outgoing woman named Allison (Zooey Deschenal) who rides a scooter, sings in a band and works as a photographer. The two begin to fall in love until she finds out he says yes to everything and she thinks he is just saying yes to loving her because he has to, a. not because he means it . (My wife wouldn’t care why I said yes to everything – as long as I said it she would ride that wave.) This is Jim Carrey’s movie but he has a great supporting cast. I can’t say enough about Zooey Deschenal who plays the “naive innocent girlfriend” part to perfection. It actually reminded me of Amy Adams in Enchanted where she played a shy, naive princess. Yes, this film is silly and predictable and although it’s not a family movie, it’s not as raunchy as many of the comedies nowadays. I am still worried about the whole Yes Man seminar issue, and I’m warning men to use caution or you’ll be taking your wives and girlfriends to chick flicks instead of Jim Carrey movies. This is one of my favorite comedies of the year and I’m giving it a strong B rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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