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After her brother returns from the war in Iraq director Kimberly Peirce writes and directs a portrayal of a soldier who doesn’t want to fight anymore in the film Stop-loss. Ryan Phillippe plays a soldier who returns from the Iraq war as a hero ready to begin his life as a civilian only to find out he is to be sent back to his unit. On impulse he goes AWOL and heads to Washington to find his Texas state senator to help him overrule the presidents Stop-loss order. This film is very well executed and pushes the envelope with another view of the war. It’s a thoughtful film and has some outstanding individual moments. One of the better moments wouldn’t be when he stopped at a veteran’s hospital while he is on the run from the military. (I guess that is what you call a brain freeze by the director.) With higher caliber actors and a more experienced director this could have been a fantastic movie. I’m giving this compassionate film to the American soldier a B rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

Although I am blind, I can appreciate a good movie as well as sighted individuals.
I rely more on a good story line than special effects.