Drillbit Taylor

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Producer Judd Apapow relies on extreme circumstances in his films to get a laugh and you can see more of the same in his latest comedy Drillbit Taylor. “Fatty” Ryan’s (Troy Gentile) and “Skinny” Wade’s (Nate Hartley) first day of high school has a horrible beginning when a psychotic bully named Filkins (Alex Frost) stuffs both of them into the same shirt and sends them to their first class together. (And to think I wore my shirt inside out and backwards several times and didn’t even know it.) Filkins makes their lives unbearable so they team up with another geeky freshman named Jim (Ian Roberts) who convinces them to search for a bodyguard. They interview several men and then decide to hire Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson) who said he’s had special training. Basically, he is the only one the boys can afford because he’s really an out of work bum who sleeps on the street and showers on the beach. In reality, Taylor’s just trying to con the kids out of money by telling them he needs their cameras, i-pods, watches and other items from their house to use as weapons and surveillance equipment. Just as they need protection the boys realize that Taylor is taking advantage of them. Taylor begins to feel bad when one of the boys says, “They call you Drillbit because you screw your friends.” That’s just one of the funny one-liners. Even though the script is choppy and the humor shoots for the lowest common denominator, Owen Wilson does what he does best by reciting corny lines without losing any creditability. I’m hoping I don’t loose any credibility as a movie critic when I say I laughed at some of the juvenile humor. Hopefully, Apatow Enterprises does better the next time so I’ll give this film a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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