The Heartbreak Kid

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Based on a screenplay by Neil Simon in 1972 the Farrelly Brothers adapt their own style of derogatory humor in the comedy The Heartbreak Kid. Ben Stiller plays a 40 year old man who still isn’t married but is pressured by his father played by Jerry Stiller to hook up with a woman he just met played by Malin Akerman because she is pretty. He has second thoughts about their marriage on their honeymoon and when she is confined to their room because of a toxic sunburn he meets another woman more like himself played by Michelle Monaghan. Ben Stiller plays the same type of character he has done in the last several films but he is still funny. The script is obvious, crude, and just dumb but I still laugh. There is nothing new in this movie except some more tasteless sight gags but as I said previously you can’t stop chuckling. My age must be sneaking up on me (Okay anything can sneak up on me) but this seems like the year of raunchy films. I’m giving this clever comedy a C+ rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

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