The Brave One

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Jodie Foster replaces Charles Bronson in a movie from the 70’s called “Death Wish” in the spectacular vengeance film entitled, The Brave One. Erica (Jodi Foster) is a soon to be married radio personality living in New York City. One evening Erica, her dog and her fiancé were walking in Central Park when they are confronted by 3 thugs. Erica is sent to the hospital, her fiancé is killed and her dog is stolen. (I guess the 3 idiots don’t realize that if the dog was found by the police they would also find the murderers – duh!) After Erica leaves the hospital, she’s so afraid to go outside that she buys a gun for protection. Not long afterward when she witnesses the robbery of a convenient store, she kills the robber and leaves him laying there. She finds the experience so satisfying that she deliberately puts herself in dangerous situations and shoots anybody who attacks her. The story takes a twist when a police detective named Mercer (Terrence Howard) who is investigating the vengeance killings soon begins to suspect it is Erica. I heard this someone in the theater make the statement that, “This isn’t about revenge, it’s about how different people deal with fear.” (I guess that’s like saying if you’re afraid of something, it’s OK to shoot it?) The story is good at best but Jodie Foster’s performance is excellent and she lends creditability to her character. On the down side, all of the bad guys are stereotypes and it’s awfully convenient that every time she goes out at night she runs into a thug. (I guess I can’t say much because when I go out I literally run into people – but I have an excuse.) I’m giving this entertaining suspense thriller a solid B rating.

This movie has been given a R rating by the MPAA

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