Firehouse Dog

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Fire trucks and dogs doing tricks along with a heart warming storey will be what you will find in the family adventure film Firehouse Dog. Rexxx the Wonder Dog is a stunt dog who accidentally falls from a plane during one of his stunts and is found by a 12 year old boy played by Josh Hutcherson. He introduces Rexxx to his father played by Bruce Greenwood who is the chief of a hapless fire station and Rexxx soon becomes the station mascot. Even though there are plenty of dog tricks in this film it isn’t just a cute canine caper but it’s also a heart felt father son relationship. I especially like that the relationships between dog, boy and father pull on the heart strings but aren’t over done. The performances by the actors were okay and there are four dogs playing the lead role but maybe the film needed a couple stand-ins for the two legged characters. Last of all thank goodness I couldn’t see when the dog used the bathroom in the food for the men at the firehouse but maybe he should have used that part of the script to go on. This firehouse dog movie is never hot but I did leave with a warm feeling in my heart and I’m giving it a B- rating

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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