The Nativity Story

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This holiday season you can experience the true meaning of Christmas and witness the tender beginning of the Christian faith when you see The Nativity Story. 2000 years ago in the small city of Nazareth, a marriage was arranged between a virtuous young woman named Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes) and a quiet, hard working carpenter named Joseph (Oscar Isaac). Two stipulations of the arrangement were for Mary to continue living in her parent’s home year and to remain a virgin. Several days following the ceremony, Mary is visited by an angel named Gabriel (Alexander Siddig) who tells her she will be overcome by the Holy Spirit and will give birth to God’s son. When her pregnancy becomes physically noticeable, the people in town don’t believe her story of the angel and Joseph wants to believe but can’t. (If I were Joseph, I’d have to be visited by an angel also.) During this time, King Herod (Ciaran Hinds) is worried about a prophecy that heralds a beloved king of all nations and out of fear, he orders every man to return to his place of birth to pay taxes. While Joseph and Mary travel to Bethlehem, three wise men began following the brightest star in the night sky to the holy place. Three sheppards also see the star and arrive just after Mary gives birth to the baby Jesus in a manger. (I hope I didn’t give anything away in this story.) The acting is noteworthy but Oscar Isaac gave Joseph a personality and he stole the movie. The soundtrack fit perfectly and the dialogue, cultural details and the setting really make you feel like you’re there. Even though I enjoyed this movie it isn’t perfect. It dragged a little at times and lacked the controversial impact of “The Passion of the Christ.” I do wonder one thing: The newborn Jesus didn’t appear to have an umbilical cord. Didn’t babies have umbilical cords 2000 years ago? This movie is definitely more realistic then the Christmas plays I was in as a child. (I always asked the other kids if Frankincense has something to do with Frankenstein) This is an inspiring, beautiful family movie and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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