Flushed Away

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From the creators of Chicken Run and Wallace and Gromit, comes the animated film Flushed Away. Roddy (voice by Hugh Jackman) is an upper class, high society rat living in a Kensington flat in London as a spoiled pet. When a sewer rat named Sid (voice by Shane Richie) comes spewing out of the kitchen sink, Roddy tries to flush him down the loo but is flushed down himself. (By the way, even I know the loud is a toilet.) After a wild flume ride down the septic pipes, Roddy splashes into the sewers of London where he meets a working class rat named Rita (voice by Kate Winslet). (For a rat, she had an awfully sweet voice. Right. Now I’m a rat-voice expert.) Roddy is told that the only person or animal that can help him find his way home is a cruel toad named – you guessed it – Toad (Ian McKellen) who is the mob boss of the underground city. Unfortunately, Toad and his two henchmen, Spike (voice by Andy Serkis) and Whitey (voice by Bill Nighy) are after Rita and Roddy for stealing the cable that controls the flood gates of the city. The vocal actors not only do a fantastic job, but they also seem to have fun. Everyone around me was in love with the singing slugs and the music made even serious movie-goers tap their feet. It’s too bad some of the character relationships felt forced and the story itself just doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I don’t want to say that it went down the toilet because the kids loved it and the adults were able to tolerate it. This is good clean fun for the whole family – if it’s possible to call a sewer movie “clean.” This won’t win the award for best animated film of the year, but it’s certainly not the worst and I’m giving it a C+ rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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