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There hasn’t been a shortage of animated animal movies in the last couple years and your child will want to drag you to see the latest talking animal movie Barnyard, The Original Party Animals. Otis the cow (voice by Kevin James) likes to have fun and party constantly until his adopted father Ben (voice by Sam Elliot) is attacked by coyotes and leaves him the job as leader of the barnyard. (Have fun trying to explain to your kids why all of the male cows have udders.) Otis not only has to grow up and become responsible but he is also concerned about a pretty little cow named Daisy (voice by Courtney Cox) who is about to have a baby. This film doesn’t have a lot of big names doing voices but the story is charming and of course it has a lesson about life. It’s also amusing, has great music (hip-hop, reggae and blue grass) but the story doesn’t have anything original except the male cow having udders. (That udderly ridiculous.) Sorry I can’t help myself but someone didn’t do their farm homework. This film isn’t going to be a blockbuster but it’s amusing and I’m giving it a B- rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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