You, Me and Dupree

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If you’ve ever had someone over-stay their welcome at your house (I’m not talking about your spouse) you’ll be able to identify with the light-hearted comedy You, Me and Dupree. Real estate agent, Carl Peterson (Matt Dillon) and his new bride Molly (Kate Hudson) who is a teacher are ready to settle down and raise a family in their new home. When Carl’s best friend Randy Dupree (Owen Wilson) attends his wedding and ends up homeless and jobless, the newlyweds allow him to move into their house. They soon realize he’s a slacker when he doesn’t look for a job, but they finally reach their limits when he sets the living room ablaze and walks into their bedroom while they’re having sex. (I think I would rather have someone burn down my living room then walk into – well that’s self explanatory) Carl originally had to talk his lovely bride Molly into allowing Dupree to live with them but he later turns into a jealous raving lunatic when he thinks Dupree is flirting with Molly. Soon, Carl is not only having problems with Molly and Dupree but also Molly’s father (Michael Douglas) who is also his boss. Kate Hudson holds this so-so movie together with a sincere, heart felt performance. I didn’t hear any of the men complaining that several times she ran around in her underwear or bikini. (Of course – I’m exempt) For some reason the chemistry between the three main characters didn’t just wasn’t there and the whole story felt hollow. The script is also under-written and most of the jokes just fell flat. It’s not a terrible movie but it’s just not memorable. In fact, I can’t even remember which film I’m talking about anymore and I’m giving it a C- rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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