King Kong

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Director Peter Jackson seems to know what average movie goers want to see and once again hits a home run with the spectacular adventure film King Kong. The year is 1933 and film producer Carl Denham (Jack Black) enlists the help of beautiful actress Ann Barrow (Naomi Watts) and playwright Jack Briscoll (Adrien Brody) to shoot a film that includes jungle animals. They board a ship and travel to the fog enshrouded Skull Island where they meet half-crazed natives that are surrounded by a giant wall. It took a lengthy hour just to reach this point but from this point on, get ready for a wild ride. After a quick battle with the natives the film crew tries to leave but the natives capture Ann and plan to sacrifice her to their god. Yes, their god is a twenty-five foot gorilla named King Kong. When Kong sees Ann, he is immediately infatuated and carries her deep into the jungle where he lives. Carl, Jack and the crew chase Kong into the jungle and soon encounter giant insects, huge bats and dinosaurs. (The insects are even bigger then the ones here in the south.) King Kong is eventually captured and taken back to New York and much to Ann’s sorrow, he is put on public display in Time Square. This film is intense, tender, and dramatic and will take you through a full range of emotions. With a run time just over 3 hours, Peter Jackson does a fantastic directing job by keeping the action flowing and everyone glued to their seats. (Well, maybe there was just some old candy that held me to my chair.) Besides the slow beginning, the other problem was a big hole in the plot concerning Kong’s transportation to New York. The omission was so huge it was big enough to fit King Kong through. This is definitely one of the most entertaining films this year and I’m giving it an A- rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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