The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

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Every once in a while I have a special kids review on my website if I’m unable to see the film. (Yes I know I’m unable to see any film.) Who knows best if a kid’s movie is good or not. Here is another review by Alicia Lavigne of Sisterhood of the Traveling pants.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
review by Alicia LaVigne

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a heartwarming movie about four friends and their adventures over the summer. They have been best friends since birth and will be separated over the summer when they all go on separate ventures.Bridget, the leader, goes to Baja California to attend soccer camp. Lena, the quiet one, goes to Greece to visit her extended family. Carmen, the emotional one, goes to visit her dad. Tibby, the rebel, stays home to work on a documentary that she is filming about people’s pointless lives.

Just prior to leaving for the summer they go on a shopping spree together which is their way of saying goodbye to each other. One of the girls picks up a pair of jeans and gets Lena to try them on. Eventually they all try them on and amazingly they fit all four girls perfectly even though they have different body types. The girls agree that if they each wear the pants an equal time over the summer and send them on to the next friend it will help them be together even though they are far apart. Over the summer the girls are apart but the pants kept them together in their hearts. The pants even seem to have a magical aura that helps the wearer through whatever they may be going through. At the end of the summer they all get together for one last trip in which Carmen ends up wearing the pants one more time, which of course results in a happy ending.a

If you like romance suspense and a little bit of action then you will enjoy this movie. From a 12 year old girl’s perspective I loved it! I would give it an A-.