Are We There Yet?

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Parents beware: when you take the kiddies to see the comedy, Are We There Yet? they might just like it. Ex-baseball player Nick Persons (Ice Cube) has become a sports collecting bachelor who is swept off his feet when he sees the beautiful Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long) outside his store. Unfortunately, the not so kid-friendly Nick soon realizes that Suzanne has two children named Kevin (Philip Bolden) and Lindsey (Aleisha Allen). What Nick doesn’t know, is that both kids play pranks on all of their mother’s boyfriends to drive them off hoping that their mother will reunite with their estranged father. When Suzanne has to fly to Vancouver on business and their Dad can’t pick them up, Nick offers to take the deadly duo to Vancouver for New Years Eve. The problems begin when Nick tries to board the plane with the kids and one of them has stuck a corkscrew in his pocket and he is arrested for trying to take a weapon on the plane. This is only the beginning and the trip turns into a disaster when he has to drive them to Vancouver in his car. At this point I was not asking” are we there yet” but “Is it over yet?” This film just isn’t funny and when one of the site-gags begins to work the screen writers drag it on for the next hour. Well, I obviously couldn’t see the clock and each of the idiotic gags that went too far felt like an hour. This movie only shoots for the lowest common denominator with Juvenile jokes and bathroom humor. (I don’t even like to hear projectile vomiting). Did I say it was idiotic? Like I said, some children may like this film and maybe even some adults with IQ’s in the double digits. I didn ’t and I’m giving it a D rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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