New York Minute

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For all of the kids who are Olson twin fans you can now see them in their first big screen movie New York minute. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olson play two twin sisters who’s day in New York begins with One twin having to give a speech for a scholarship to a over sea’s college and the other wanting to sneak back stage to an underground video shoot. Somehow they become involved in the heist of a black market computer chip that was in a pork role which is eaten by a senator’s dog that they are accused of kidnapping while also being chased by a truant officer. If this sounds confusing, corny and just plain stupid you’re correct. The acting by the dog and probably even the pork role was better then the Olson twins. I thought the best part in this movie was the credits. To be fair, the kids who saw this film said it was awesome, but I’m still giving it a D rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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