Meet the Fockers

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For all of the movie-goers who loved the comedy Meet the Parents be prepared to laugh at the sequel Meet the Fockers. Ben Stiller plays Greg Focker and Teri Polo plays his girlfriend Pam and they want to introduce her parents played by Robert De Niro and his wife played by Blythe Danner to The Fockers. (No that’s not a misprint.) The Fockers are Greg’s parents who are an ex lawyer played by Dustin Hoffman and sex therapist played by Barbra Streisand who are as different as night and day from Pam’s parents. This film has some off-color toilet humor and crude sight gags but it’s still hilarious. Also the strong performances by the all star cast out shine any weakness by the corny jokes. Some critics may not like this type of crude humor but you may read their column (mine included) but you don’t have to meet the fockers. I’m giving this very funny movie a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG13 rating by the MPAA

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