Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde

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The perky blond, dressed in bright pink with her airhead outlook on life, is back in the comedy Legally Blond, Red White and Blond. Having graduated from Harvard Law school, the pretty and naive Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) is now working for a prestigious law firm. She is also making preparations for her upcoming wedding and wants to invite everyone who is important to her. This list would include the mother of her Chihuahua, Bruiser, whose name and whereabouts are unknown to Elle. Yeah, the story line sounds kind of stupid or should I say, “blond.” However, Elle manages to find Bruiser’s mother in a research laboratory where animals are used to test cosmetic products. When the laboratory refuses to release the dog, Elle travels to Washington to submit a Bill to Congress that prohibits testing on animals. (Yeah right; and I have a car I’d like to sell you that I’ve driven.) This film is cute, funny and as my wife would say, adorable. The plot leaves a lot to be desired, but if you go for the entertainment and not the award winning dialogue you’ll love it. I only went because I thought it was called, Legally Blind and I thought I might run into some of my blind friends at the theater – literally. I thoroughly enjoyed this chick flick (even though it was a little corny at times) and I’m giving it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

Although I am blind, I can appreciate a good movie as well as sighted individuals.
I rely more on a good story line than special effects.