Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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Harry Potter is back with flying cars, giant spiders and a huge snake in the sequel Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is about to return for his second year of wizard and witchcraft school at Hogwarts, when an elfin creature named Dobby appears in his room and informs him that it would be dangerous for Harry to go back to school. (Let me get this off my chest. We could have done without Dobby who is just a pest throughout the movie. In fact, he’s almost as annoying as Jar-Jar Binks from Star Wars). Harry ignores Dobby and helps his friend Ron (Rubert Grint) use a flying car to go back to Hogwarts for the first day of school. Harry is somewhat of a celebrity at Hogwarts because of his success in his first year of school. Soon Harry begins hearing voices, his friend Hermione (Emma Watson) disappears, and Harry and Ron begin researching an old Myth that the school has a hidden room called the Chamber of Secrets. Of course Ha rry and Ron find the chamber and the evil they find could destroy the whole school. This second installment is a little more scary and darker than the first Harry Potter and the actors seem a little more comfortable in their roles. This film is full of action, magic and humor but trying to follow the book so closely slows the pace at times and at almost 3 hours it’s a little too long. In fact my wife, who is a teacher, said she had a hard time staying awake. She’s not the first adult I’ve heard say that. This movie is nothing spectacular but it’s great for kids less than 14 years old or adults who have a hard time getting to sleep. I do recommend it for all people of all ages who enjoy the Harry Potter books and I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA