City by the Sea

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Based upon a true story found in Esquire magazine, City By The Sea is an inspiring drama of big city crime. Detective Vincent Lamarca (Robert de Niro) is a seasoned Long Island cop whose father had been executed in the 50’s because of the accidental killing of a baby during a kidnapping. As a result, Lamarca has been estranged from his wife and drug addicted son Joey, (James Franco) who resents him. When the cops find the body of a drug dealer the evidence points to Lamarca’s son as the killer. Lamarca begins a frantic search for Joey, while across town a cop is killed by a drug dealer named Spider. Once again, Joey is blamed . Yes, we have spiders and snakes in this movie. Lamarca’s girlfriend Michelle (Frances McDormand) knows he is suffering inner turmoil over the prospect of arresting his son and she encourages him to confide in her about his family problems. Even I can see, this is one time you don’t tell all. I’m sure you can guess what Michelle d oes when she learns that Lamarca’s father was a murderer and his son probably is also. It’s easy to guess that with De Niro and McDormand in this movie the acting is fabulous. The character development and the story are also good, but it lacks something. It does lack raunchy jokes, girls in bikinis and cars jumping over buildings. I have seen or should I say heard enough of that with the summer flicks. I enjoyed this film, even though I’ll probably forget about it in the next couple weeks and I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

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