The Count of Monte Cristo

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Alexander Dumaas’s classic book of betrayal, escape, and revenge came to life in the newest remake of the film Count of Monte Cristo. The time is early 1900’s and a Frenchman named Edmund Dantes (Jim Cavezel) has just come home after an unexpected visit to Napoleon Bonaparte. Once at home he proposes marriage to his girlfriend Mercedes, but in a twist of fate his friend Fernand Mundego (Guy Pearce) betrays him. Convicted of crimes he didn’t commit, Dantes is sentenced to life in a dungeon on a rocky island. (All prisoners are innocent, right?) While in prison planning his revenge, Dantes meets another prisoner named Faria (Richard Harris) and together they dig a tunnel under the prison to escape. They should have named this movie, “Count how many years does it take to dig a tunnel out of prison with a spoon.” Many years later, Dantes finally escapes and with the discovery of a long lost treasure he is ready to have his revenge. This swashbuckler type fi lm has everything: drama, action, suspense, romance and even a light humor. Okay, it’s predictable and the plot is a little thin (in fact, it’s so thin I could read a newspaper through it) but the story moves along at such a fast pace, the movie is over before you know it. Almost everyone will enjoy this film, I know I did and I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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