Snow Dogs

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If you enjoy dogs, snow, dogs in snow, dogs under snow and more dogs, you’ll like the newest fun filled comedy from Disney appropriately called, Snow Dogs. Ted (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a dentist living in Miami who learns that he was adopted as an infant when he receives a message that his biological mother has died. He has to fly to Alaska for the reading of the will and finds out his mother left him her most prized possession, a team of sled dogs. While Ted is trying to sell off his mothers less valuable possessions, a grisly old mountain man named Thunder Jack (James Coburn) tells Ted he wants to buy the dog sled team for a ridiculously low price. He is about to sell the dogs when a cute local girl named Barb tells Ted to keep the dogs and enter an upcoming race. Which, of course, he does. Gimme a break. A dentist from Miami learning to drive a dog sled team in two weeks is about as easy as me driving a bus in downtown New York. While training with the dogs he also begins looking for his real father and discovers an unlikely candidate. This is a cute story that has plenty of stunts, amusing dog sled scenes and a perfect cast with Gooding and Coburn in perfect roles. Kids will enjoy this movie and adults will even have a few laughs. This movie was better then I expected (actually I wondered into the wrong theater) and I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

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