American Pie

Jays Rating:

American Pie 2 – it’s crude, it’s gross, and it’s hilarious. The summer after their first year of college, and Jim (Jason Biggs), along with Stifler, Oz, Kevin and Finch rent a beach house for summer break. Jim’s old crush, Nadia (Shannon Elizabeth) calls and tells Jim she will be home to see him before the end of the summer. While the guys get ready for a big end of the summer bash, they pursue their primary interest, girls. Jim goes to band camp and contacts Michelle, his senior prom date, to find out if he was really a lousy lover. (I think he came in second after a flute.) Kevin and Vicky still like each other after their big romance in high school, but agree to remain friends and Finch is still pining after Stifler’s mom. Yes, it’s an R rated soap opera. One of the boy’s favorite pastimes is spying on two neighbor girls to see if they are romantically involved with each other. To prove their theory, they took walkie-talkies into the girl’s house when they weren’t home and began to rummage through their personal things while broadcasting it over the radio for all to hear. The girls come home, find them hiding in a closet, and a totally raunchy scene follows. This juvenile comedy is full of the typical gross out jokes and tasteless one-liners. It did have a few funny parts and I guess I can give it a C rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA

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