Jurassic Park 3

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Man-eating dinosaurs and stupid humans are the basic components of the latest thriller, Jurassic Park III. Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Niell) needs funding for his latest archeological dig and agrees to give an aerial tour of the restricted island. When the plane begins to land, Dr. Grant learns that the aerial tour was a farce and that he was expected to help rescue a 12 year old boy named Eric who had landed on the island during a parasailing accident. The plane crashes with the assistance of a dinosaur yet most of the passengers are able to escape into the woods. While running blindly – no pun intended – they practically step into a nest of Raptor eggs and the stupidity begins. One of the morons takes two of the Raptor eggs and hides them in his backpack. As the group begins to look for Eric they are repeatedly attacked by Raptors. Dr. Grant (the only one who is smarter than the dinosaurs) manages to find Eric and the small group heads toward the shoreline i n hopes of being rescued. Raptors, Pterodactyls and even a huge pile of ringing dinosaur poop made the trip more exciting (There was a cell phone in the pocket of his latest snack.) At this point I would have left the Cell phone and looked for another way off the island. Of course, they go dung digging, find the phone, and head for the shore. Although the plot in this third Jurassic Park installment is full of holes, it has great sound and visual effects. It even felt like the Tyrannosaurus Rex was breathing down my neck. It was probably just the guy behind me with bad breath. This is a good summertime action movie and I give it a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA