A Knight's Tale

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If you enjoy sword fights, jousting, and knights being slammed off their horses along with some cheesy lines, you might like the action-comedy Knight’s Tale. This film begins when the master of a young peasant squire named William Thatcher (Heath Ledger) dies at the end of a jousting match. William, who has always dreamed of becoming a Knight, puts on the suit of armor, takes over his master’s identity and wins the contest. William changes his name to Sir Ulrich of Leichtenstein – he has to be of royal birth to joust- and he travels the countryside with his two squire friends. During one of the jousting tournaments he meets a noble woman named Jocelyn and begins winning and losing matches on her behalf. He is excellent with a sword, good with a lance, and he becomes one of the most popular Knights on tour. (I call it a tour because they travel from city to city, putting on a show like wrestlers with the WWF.) He eventually makes it back to his own town where the Black Knight – he looked black to me – has him arrested and thrown into jail. I know this movie sounds ridiculous with its thin plot and unbelievable story line. Well, you’re right. It does manage to come together with Mel Brooks type humor and a very exciting ending. The one thing I enjoyed and could evaluate was the way they added modern music like We Will Rock You, The Boys Are Back In Town, and Golden Years to a medieval setting. I can’t, in good conscience, recommend spending 7 dollars to see this film. Although, it’s definitely worth the money if you want to go inside to beat the summer heat or if you’re like me, and you wander into the wrong theater. This film might be more enjoyable when it comes out on video, but for now I give it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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