Head over Heels

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A film that will definitely entertain the college crowd, but hardly anyone else, is the romantic comedy Head Over Heels. This corny movie focuses on a down to earth fashion consultant named Amanda (Monica Potter) who shares an apartment with four beautiful super models. Their apartment overlooks the living room of a great looking guy named Jim Winston (Freddie Prinze, Jr.). One day while Jim is walking his dog he literally runs into Amanda, who was dying to meet him but was suddenly nervous and tongue-tied. Somehow they manage to make a date and Amanda totally excited until she thinks she sees him kill a woman in his apartment. At this point I wish someone would have killed the power to the projector and saved me an hour of my valuable time. Amanda and her four goofy friends begin following Jim around to see if they can discover where he hid the body. They hound him at parties, embarrass him in public and even break into his apartment to look for eviden ce. There is even a stupid scene where the girls hide in Jim’s shower and watch him as he is using the toilet. Isn’t that special. Amanda finally confronts Jim about the murder and he tells her what really happened. Of course, she doesn’t believe him. This movie had some funny snippets, but the script was lame, the acting was bad and the whole film will no doubt soon be forgotten. That’s probably for the best. I really tried to like this movie, and maybe if I had seen the beautiful models I could have given it something higher then a D rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA