The Contender

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In the political drama The Contender, two people are vying for the nomination of vice-president of the United States and it’s every man for himself. The movie begins with a car careening off a bridge and plunging into the river below. A major contender for the vice-presidential nomination, Senator Jack Hathaway heroically tries to save the woman in the car. When the woman drowns, United States President Jackson Evans (Jeff Bridges) tells Senator Hathaway that he is withdrawing his nomination because of possible repercussions of the woman’s death. Instead, President Evans asks Laine Henson (Joan Allen), a woman Senator from a large mid-western state to be the new nominee. Once Senator Henson’s name is announced Senator Hathaway looks for some dirty laundry to find on Henson. He receives help from Shelly Runyon, Chairman of the Nominating Committee, who doesn’t want a female vice-president and does everything in his power to stop the nomination. What? Bac kbiting and slander involving politicians? This isn’t a movie this is real life. Anyway, a major scandal soon emerges involving Senator Henson during her college days. (Wait, maybe she didn’t do anything wrong if she didn’t inhale.) Everyone seems to be against her except President Evans, but is he willing to help her? This film has a decent script, good acting, minor twists and turns, and a satisfactory conclusion. It does tend to drag at spots, but superb acting by Jeff Bridges helps pull it together. Once again, great acting by a president. Is this really a movie? This isn’t a good or bad film and I give it a C rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA

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