Meet the Parents

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A must-see film for anyone who needs a few good laughs is Meet the Parents. Greg Focker(Ben Stiller) wants to marry his girlfriend Pam, but first he has to ask her father’s permission. He is given the opportunity when they have to fly home to Long Island for the wedding of Pam’s sister Debbie. Greg’s problems begin when his carry-on bag is so big he can’t carry it onto the plane and it ends up missing. When they finally arrive the home of Pam’s parents, he tries to corner her father Jack Burns(Robert DeNiro) to tell him that he loves Pam and wants to marry her. Jack is an ex-CIA interrogator who always seems to know when Greg wants to talk to him about Pam and manages to change the subject. Greg is nervous around Jack and repeatedly lies and makes stupid mistakes. He accidentally over-flows the septic tank, loses Jacks expertly trained cat Mr. Jinx, and burns the entire back yard where the wedding is to take place. Desperate to be a hero, he finds a cat that looks somewhat like Mr. Jinx and paints his tail to look like Jacks cat. Yes, Greg’s an idiot. The family eventually finds out that Greg painted a cat to look like Mr. Jinx. Greg is embarrassed and goes to the airport to leave for home. This is an hilarious, fresh new comedy that leaves out most of the gross, nasty humor found in films of this genre. This is one movie I would be happy to see a second time. In fact, under my circumstances, I would be happy to see it the first time. This is definitely the best comedy of the year and I give it an A rating.

This movie has been given a PG-13 rating by the MPAA