Remember the Titans

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A true to life movie that centers on the integration of a white football team during the turbulent seventies is Remember the Titans. In Alexandria, Virginia and Coach Boone (Denzel Washington) takes over as head coach of a newly formed high school football team called the Titans. Coach Boone’s first attempt to integrate the football players takes place during a week of football camp. He encourages the players to get to know each other by making them room together with a player of the opposite race. In the process, if they don’t know each other well enough, they have to ask each other question and write a small biography about that person. Personally, I like this idea. At least these football players will be literate. By the end of football camp most of the players have bonded, but prejudice is still the standard for the rest of the school and the city. The Titans begin winning game after game while Coach Boone continues his teaching on teamwork. This is a feel good movie with great music from the 70’s, good acting from the supporting cast, and an outstanding performance by Washington. If it weren’t so obvious that the filmmakers are trying to manipulate your feelings, this would be a very inspiring movie. I only felt manipulated into buying another bag of popcorn. I give this movie a B rating.

This movie has been given a PG rating by the MPAA

Although I am blind, I can appreciate a good movie as well as sighted individuals.
I rely more on a good story line than special effects.