Highlander: Endgame

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Highlander fans are in luck, but everyone else may want to think twice before handing over their money on the movie Highlander: Endgame. This story begins almost 500 years ago when the immortal Conner Macleod (Christopher Lambert) is fighting someone who has vowed to kill his parents. Jump ahead about 500 years and meet an immortal named Kell who is looking for Conner so that he can cut his head off. (Oh yeah, get used to jumping back and forth in time because it happens for the majority of the movie.) The only way you can kill an immortal is to cut off his head. Kell wants to kill Conner to avenge his father’s death. A relative of Conner’s, another immortal named Duncan Macleod (Adrian Paul) feels that something is going to happen to Conner and begins looking for him. He finds Conner in a sanctuary surrounded by his immortal friends with their heads cut off. Conner and Duncan begin practicing together in preparation for fighting the evil Kell. But wai t, two immortals can’t team up and fight one immortal, it’s against the immortal law! Somehow they have to combine their strength to fight Kell one on one. Are you confused? I was so confused I thought I was going to loose my head. The plot in this movie is very thin and even the martial art and sword fighting scenes were a little fast for the eye. My eyes especially. Highlander fans will be glad to hear that Conner and Duncan remain true to their characters and from what I heard, for the most part the fight scenes are well executed. I still can’t give this ridiculous action film anything higher then a D rating.

This movie has been given an R rating by the MPAA